quinta-feira, abril 17, 2008

Nobody can drive this thing

Can anybody drive this thing?
Before I crash against that wall.
Can anybody learn this thing?
No, not at all,
there is no book that can explain this syndrome.

I need to free myself from this mad grasshopper
I need to free myself from this fight
This struggle against this heart

I need to go back to the past
Where I can have some peace and quiet
(at last).

4 comentários:

xtr3m disse...

The look is to the Future, not to the Past
abc :)

Natalie Afonseca disse...

Fim-de-semana aí a chegar

Bom fim-de-semana :)

Também gosto de tirar esse genero de fotos :)

Rute disse...

"We've been living lice, inside a bubble!..." lalala... =D

Luís Silva disse...

Fiquei surpreendido com este texto :)
Estás de parabéns!

Adonde é que voces andam?